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Smart Teeth Whitening Kit

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More precise, quick and clever, our connected whitening kit will give you results in just 10 minutes.

  • Approved by dentists

  • Money-Back Guarantee

  • Same day dispatch

  • No sensitivity

Our connected whitening kit will give you:

  • Increased precision with the applicator pens, allowing you to target zones otherwise difficult to access
  • A more efficient natural formula, with an application time of just 15 minutes
  • A mouthpiece connected to your smartphone, more compact and powerful (24 LEDs)
  • A pen with active ingredients which will revitalise and enhance your smile

Our unique formula allows you to improve the whiteness of your teeth by up to 8 shades and combines multiple effects:

  1. Oxygenated water: penetrates beneath the enamel for a thorough whitening process
  2. UV light: catalyses the whitening agents for fast results
  3. Coconut extract: gently polishes stains on the surface of the enamel
  4. Aloe vera: strengthens and nourishes the enamel by tightening the pores
  5. Grapefruit oil: protects and revitalises your gums

Compatible with micro-USB (Android), USB and lightning (iPhone) devices.

Whiter or your money back

With our whiter teeth guarantee, you can be sure of improving the whiteness of your teeth by at least 2 shades when you purchase one of our gel kits. If you don’t achieve this result, we will refund you.

Customer Reviews

Over 10 million teeth across the world have been whitened through COCO LAB - discover what our clients think of our teeth whitening products!

Smart Teeth Whitening Kit

Smart Teeth Whitening Kit

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